Telecommunications 2011: The Latest Trends for This Year

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Telecommunications trends
The main trends of 2011 in the field of telecommunications is well enriched within and across enterprises. Means of communications are used by employees and colleagues with greater ease and bought at lower cost.

Everyone expects the year of 2011 to be the year of technologies and innovations in the telecommunication industry with respect to a new type of migration, cloud, and data services hosted on the web that let the user have an access to the networks of high security.

Some companies have accepted new forms of internal and external communication and are discovering that integrating voice and data in a single communication platform provide access to emerging technologies and resources at low cost with a smaller investment and a quicker return. Through cloud computing, companies are using a server provider to manage voice and data instead of using two or three, one for each service. The growing popularity of this type of service will encourage the market economy and companies, giving them the opportunity of doing more and spending less.

Some of this year's trends are:

1. Hosted PBX

Hosted private cloud-based technology using a Voice over IP, private Internet service, helps large and small businesses to communicate internally and externally, as the Fortune 500. With these new services it is possible for co-workers to communicate using the direct dial extension or external dialogue, which can be once transferred within and between locations without experiencing a hard handoff. It also allows remote access to voice mail and remote configuration capabilities of users and devices. Such features as content filters and wireless- based backup and recovery systems are available now to help companies communicate more effectively.
Hosted PBX

2. Hosted Video Conferencing and Tele presence

Video conferencing uses high definition, IP telephony, video-based, 3D cameras, which make people feel as if they were present in a personal meeting, a job interview, product demonstrations or a design conference, while in reality it takes place hundreds of miles away. Virtual meetings let avoid unnecessary travel costs and wasted time, increasing work productivity and time to market by helping companies make better decisions faster.
Video conferencing

3. PC over IP (desktop hosting)

This year appears the virtualization of the desktop, while organizations will replace computers with hard drive for thinner devices with wireless terminals and remove data storage to cloud or Web. Virtual desktops can be accessed from any computer that has Internet access. Virtualized Hosted Desktop is currently most popular, used in many small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. However, it is a practical solution for those who want to experience an IT support and 99.9% availability without the expense of a server.
Desktop hosting

4. Safe network-wide storage

Cloud-based backups are becoming increasingly attractive to organizations. This rapidly maturing technology eliminates a need for a local tape infrastructure; it keeps your data safe and allows remote access from any device connected to a LAN or the Internet. Providers offer monitoring and reporting at such a cost that many companies cannot afford. Meanwhile, using a cloud provider, companies are freed from the maintenance of the infrastructure, which allows them to apply savings on growing their business.
Safe network storage

5. Converged Communications

The convergence or integration of data, voice and video within a single IP network provides possibility to share, discuss and develop ideas among colleagues anywhere in the world. With a new standard environment, the "killer app", the voice itself can be integrated with voice mail, the global telephone network, a directory, unified messaging, text to speech, conference calls online, address book and so on. Companies that accept these forms of work really see what technology can do for them.

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02 February 2012 wrote:
Among all kinds of telecommunication I think the most popular among people and also in business is Hosted Video Conferencing and Tele presence. I don’t think there is someone who hasn’t try this technology yet. It apparently saves a lot of money.
15 February 2012 wrote:
It is also important to mention here, that the cloud back up has brought about a revolution in inexpensive storage, making backing up online inexpensive. There\'s a debate about the best kind of backup, but anyway, storing your data offsite and online is a good option.

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