Don't Know What to do With Your Old Cell Phone? Then You Should Learn Where to Recycle

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Sustainable work is being done every day in the country. The following article was made for the consumer to know what to do with old batteries and to urge users to use the community recycling services, which is important for the society.

What to do with used batteries?

Cell phone recycle
The mobile device is a product that people often change for another one after using it for some time. The technology is developing every day and consumers do not know what to do with their old devices, as the resale price is often low and there's no sense of selling the device. The incorrect way to keep old batteries can cause accidents and severe damage to people's health as well as pollute the environment.

The following article was made for the consumer to know what to do with old batteries and to urge users to use the community recycling services, which is important for the society.

The phone battery has several chemical elements that may harm health, the best known are mercury, cadmium, cobalt, lead, lithium, nickel, and zinc. You should know the most common effects:

Mercury can cause skin irritation, genetic mutations, visual distortions and even organ failure. Cadmium can cause cancer or can even damage the nervous system. Metabolic disorders are detected, which can lead to osteoporosis. Lead causes memory loss, irritability, and muscle tremors. They can also cause anemia, nausea and atrophy, similar to zinc.

The lithium batteries being in constant contact with human, can cause blurred vision and affect the central nervous system. The element nickel can cause respiratory disorders, skin mites, carcinogenic effects, and even kidney failure. Cobalt, which appears in lithium, can cause asthma attacks and bronchitis. Besides these elements, there is manganese dioxide, widely used in alkaline batteries, causes headaches, anemia, vomiting and nervous breakdowns.

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Returning to the topic of recycling services, according to the Finnish company Nokia, depending on the model of mobile phone recycling rate varies from 65% to 80%. Under the care of the company old appliances are collected throughout the country. Likewise Motorola, the company employs a battery recycling program in the same way among others, looking for the nearest authorized service. Every 1 kg of cell phone recycling makes it possible to recycle about 650 grams of elements and 250 grams of metal and plastic.

Operators also help the environment in their collections through authorized agencies, including Claro, Hi, Tim and Vivo, who accept devices of any type or brand.

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01 February 2012 wrote:
I see, that there are plenty of harmful effects that old cell phones might have. I would definitely find the authorized agency to give away my batteries, as I don’t want to test whether it will have bad impact on me or my family. It is great, that such agencies exist!
10 February 2012 wrote:
I think it will be much easier to collect old phones, if there are more collection agencies. For example, big companies might have such place for collecting old phones, like they have for plastic and other staff. That will make our lives easier and definitely healthier. low cost to install granite countertops.

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