How does VoIP Telephony Work?

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This technology has come to stay! You should learn when and how to use it, what advantages and disadvantages it has and what the most used setup is.

The technology of voice over IP - or VoIP - allows a telephone conversation to be transmitted through the internet connection. When the destination receives the packets, they are reconverted into analog signals and transmitted to the environment in which you can hear the sound. For this, the sounds are converted into digital data and sent anywhere in the world wide web. Thus, it is possible to work with these packages over the Internet.

VoIP is not a new technology. It had been worked out even before the advancement of the Internet but turned out to be a failure because the data transmission speed was low at the time, preventing it from becoming functional in most networks.

Another fact that makes this kind of media interesting, is the ability to talk on the phone over the Internet without the mediation of a computer. In this case, a standard telephone is connected to an analog telephone adapter (or ATA), which is responsible for digitizing the voice. It's just like talking on an ordinary phone.

There are three ways to use VoIP

ATA. It takes the analog signal from your phone and converts it into digital data for transmission over the Internet. It is the simplest and the most common way. The ATA allows you to connect a standard phone to your computer or your Internet connection and to use it with VoIP. These adapters allow you to use your regular phone to make calls over the Internet. With ATA, using the digital phone is different from using a regular telephone service, as the ATA allows your Internet phone service to work like a traditional phone, for example, you can hear the tone of dialing;

IP Phones. Another type of adapters, which connects your phone directly to your high speed cable, DSL modem or directly to your network. For this type of ATA one should use the Ethernet port to access your Internet connection, it operates on its own - no software is required. In IP Phones Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is available, allowing subscribers to make VoIP calls from any Wi-Fi (type of wireless local area networks). This is the most convenient type, because it requires your PC being always on and when the high-speed connection is activated, you will have access to your phone via IP;

Computer to computer. This is certainly the most economical way to use VoIP. You do not even have to pay long-distance calls. There are several companies offering free VoIP, such as Skype. All you need is the software, a microphone, speakers, a sound card (there is one in any computer) and the internet connection, preferably a fast connection through a cable or DSL modem, in addition to the normal monthly ISP.


VOIP operators

There are many VoIP operators. It is they who receive the first call in the form of data, and send it to a traditional telephone exchange that is closest to your destination, for example.

To select a VoIP provider is a personal choice. You should choose one that correspond your requirements for installation and use.

VoIP advantages

Besides being cheaper compared to traditional telephony, the main advantages are:
  • The competition and the development of the communication market are fast and high, which results in direct and significant benefits for users, including promotional packages because of high competition;

  • You can take your computer or adapter (ATA) to anywhere without paying roaming (offset);

  • If you have a broadband access always available do not need a phone line.

  • The VoIP service does not work when the power fails and the service provider does not provide energy assistance;

  • They offer service directories, so it's difficult to identify when the call is from the same operator;

  • Equipment for use as an ATA can be expensive compared to traditional telephony that does not need an adapter to make calls on the phone.

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23 January 2012 wrote:
Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages of using the VoIP technology and every technology has its pros and cons. However no one can deny that VoIP is commonly used worldwide and we can’t resist using this technology, especially when it is for free, like Skype.

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