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Tim Cook

The Future of Apple Under the Leadership of Tim Cook
Tim Cook recently completed a year in charge of Apple, after having replaced CEO Steve Jobs, who had health problems. Last year I wrote an article about the departure of Steve Jobs as CEO, something that marked the technology industry as a true change of era, to me even more than the date of his death.
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Smartphone camera

New Malware Uses the Smartphone Camera and GPS to Track People
Researchers from Indiana University, U.S., have developed a new type of malware that uses the camera, GPS and sensors of Android smartphones to find the location of their users. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the program, called Raider Place, was designed to be used by the army in rescue situations or to steal confidential information of gangsters.
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Answer the phone

One In Three People Agree that Partner Answer the Phone During Sex
A study by the phone operator Vodafone suggests that one in three people consider acceptable to answer the phone during sex. The result, obtained from interviews with 2000 adults in Britain, reveals that mobile devices are increasingly involving in the intimate life of the people.
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Windows Phone 8

Learn About the Main Features of Windows Phone 8
Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 this month (June 2012), the new version of its smartphone operating system. Also known as "Apollo", the system will only be seen since the end of 2012, when the company releases the final version of the system along with Windows 8.
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iPhone evolution

How the iPhone Changed the Course of Smartphones
With over 100 million devices sold, the iPhone is certainly the most popular smartphone in the world, and is shaking the world of mobile phones since its launch in 2007. Today, June 29, the unit celebrates five years of existence, considering the date of arrival of the first model to the market. Thus, the TechTudo created a special list showing the main innovations brought to the appliance business of technology since its launch today.
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Dual-SIM phone

The Dual-SIM: How it Works and How to Use it
If you do not know what a dual-chip or a dual-sim is, or how it works, it is simple: they are devices that simultaneously support two different SIM cards (i.e., two phone numbers). Thus, they allow to use accounts of two operators, taking advantage of the promotions of free calls and SMSs of each telephone company.
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X-ray vision

Phones with X-ray Vision Can Be Reality
It may sound like a power of Superman, but seeing through walls is a technology of movies and stories and comics that are not that far from reality. Scientists at the University of Dallas are working on a chip that would make smartphones able to see what is happening on the other side of walls, trees and plastic or paper.
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Old smartphones

5 New Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone
The smartphone has invaded our lives. Currently, we can find hardware devices for reasonable prices becoming more affordable. The accelerated development of these devices makes us get used to change them in very short periods. In such a situation many gadgets may end up at the bottom of the drawer.
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Man stepping to phone

Prolonging the Life of Your Cell Phone
While we strive against the fact, virtually all phones will one day have a deadly encounter with the edge of the floor, with some water or with other ills that haunt the poor equipment. But while this fateful day is not the only way to damage our phones, it is vital that all of us take simple precautions that can extend the life of the appliance.
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Internet of Things

By 2015 Each Person Will Use 7 Devices Connected to the Internet
According to the European Commission, currently an "ordinary citizen" has at least two devices with Internet connection. But in 2015 there will be, on average, seven devices connected to the network for every consumer.
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