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Common features:

  • Replenishable: Yes
  • Connection charge: No
  • Maintenance charge: No
  • Round-up: 1 minute
  • Toll free access: Yes USA, Canada, Russia
  • Local access: Yes US, CA-Montreal, UK-Aberdeen
  • Service surcharges: 18%
  • Pay phone charge: 69c
  • Period of validity: Unlimited
  • Languages: English, Spanish
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Jupiter overview

Jupiter available in 7 values from $5 to $250 per one card
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The Jupiter calling card is a Permanent PIN phone card with the easy Refill feature, PIN Free Access option and no expiration date! But not only is the Jupiter calling phone card ultra-convenient, it's also great value with its competitive long-distance rates from the United States and Canada and a wide variety of another countries. This well-known phone card also boasts great quality communications.

How does it work? - Simple!
When you sign up, you register your telephone number with us. Every time you call from a registered telephone, your number is detected automatically after dialing the Access Number. You never have to enter a difficult-to-remember PIN!
To locate a call from any non-registered telephone number, just dial the Access Number, enter your registered telephone number and your target number.
You must read the disclaimer about further situations. Rates and charges are subject to modify without notice. Application of additional payments and charges has the result of lowering total minutes on the phone card.

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Dialing instruction

A. Calling from your registered telephone:

-- Dial Access Number, wait for a help.
-- Dial your target number and push the pound (#) button for better communication.

B. Calling from any another telephone:

-- Dial Access Number, wait for a help.
-- Enter your registered telephone number (10 digits), wait for a help.
-- Dial your target number and push the pound (#) button for better communication.

For International Calls: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number
For calls to/inside the United States and Canada: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

* If you do not hear a help, you must hang up and check that you are dialing according to the instructions.
* If no communication is installed inside 20 seconds, you must hang up to avoid being charged for the call and dial once again.

How to locate a call from Russia

How to locate a call from United Kingdom

Note on using cell telephones with the calling phone card:
-When using a cell telephone, you must note that after dialing the target number
you should NOT push Send or Talk as that may start a new call on the another line
(and you may be billed by your cell telephone provider for the long distance call).
-Also you must check with your cell telephone provider about any applicable roaming
charges when using your cell telephone abroad.

For problems respecting communication quality, you must contact phone card's Technical Support. (The number is available in the e-mail with phone card's PIN and Dialing Instructions.)

For problems respecting sales or services, you must contact us.

Calling card access numbers

United States: (406) 998-1061
United States Toll Free: (855) 413-3444 (+2c/min additional payment), (855) 635-5591 (+6c/min)
Alaska/Hawaii: Toll Free: (855) 635-5591 (+6c/min)
United States Paytelephone: (888) 609-4627 (69c/connect + 2c/min additional payment)
Canada: (514) 312-6728
Canada Toll Free: (844) 222-4554 (2c/min additional payment)
Access Numbers

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