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Common features:

  • Replenishable: Yes
  • Connection charge: No
  • Maintenance charge: No
  • Round-up: 1 minute
  • Toll free access: Yes
  • Local access: Yes
  • Service surcharges: 15%
  • Pay phone charge: 60c US only, other countries-with possible surcharges
  • Period of validity: Unlimited
  • Languages: English
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Bizon overview

Bizon available in 6 values from $5 to $250 per one card
Customer service:
1-800-219-6993 (US); 1-617-861-4107 (international)

United States:




The Bizon is a Permanent PIN calling card with a Refill feature, Online Call History access, and PIN Free Access. There are no communication/maintenance charges, low calling prices to a lot of countries all around the world. United States and Canada Toll Free and Local Access numbers are available as well as Local Access numbers in Europe.

PIN Free Access! Register your telephone number to skip dialing a difficult-to-remember PIN!
Use My Account-Features-Pin-less dialing

Refill the phone card anytime online or by calling Customer Service.
Use My Account - My Permanent PINs to add money, see the balance and reports.
Setup Autorefill, receive E-mail notifications after every charge and never be out of pin balance.

Direct Dial! No PIN or target number to dial when calling!
Register target telephone number(s), dial a local number and reach your foreign friend directly.

Speed Dial! Quickest way to connect!
Register access number, pin number and target number(s) to speed up the dialing.
You must read the disclaimer about further situations. Rates and charges are subject to modify without notice. Application of additional payments and charges has the result of lowering total minutes on the phone card.

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Dialing instruction

- Dial an access number
- Enter PIN number if Pin-less dial is not setup
- Dial your target number:
> International Call: Country Code - City Code - Phone number
OR: 011 Country Code - City Code - Phone number
> Domestic Call (United StatesA, Canada): 1 - Area Code - Phone number

Direct Dial
- Login to My Account-Direct Dial
- To setup: Enter a target number, contact name and click on Get United States Local access number
- To call: Dial an assigned United States local access number

Speed Dial
- Login to My Account-Speed Dial
- To setup: Enter a target number, click on SAVE
- To call: Dial an access number, then Speed Dial and # button (example: 2#)

Calling card access numbers

United States Local: 1 (347) 427-9205, 1 (406) 998-1061 (View more)
United States Toll Free: 1 (888) 609-4627 (+1 c/min)
United States-Others* Toll Free: 1 (855) 635-5591 (+1 c/min)
Canada Local: 1 (514) 312-6728
Canada Toll Free: 1 (888) 609-4627 (+1 c/min)
Paytelephone United States-Contin., Canada: 1 (866) 999-1492 (60c communication charge, +2 c/min)
Paytelephone United States-Others*: 1 (855) 640-3227 (60c communication charge, +2 c/min)
*Alaska, Amer. Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands
Worldwide Access Numbers

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31 January 2012 wrote:
Well, not every calling card has online call history which can be particularly in use, if you want to retrieve some important facts from your call history. This calling card has different values, so we’ll be always to choose the one that we need.
07 February 2012 wrote:
Once you buy this Phone Card you can be assured that the phone bills will not hit you all that hard. Light on the budget and easy to use, this Phone Card is great value for the money that you have to pay. You can stay contented and enjoy many more benefits.
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