Prolonging the Life of Your Cell Phone

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While we strive against the fact, virtually all phones will one day have a deadly encounter with the edge of the floor, with some water or with other ills that haunt the poor equipment. But while this fateful day is not the only way to damage our phones, it is vital that all of us take simple precautions that can extend the life of the appliance.

The heat

As has already been discussed in another article about the life of phones, exposing the unit to excessive heat often has serious consequences not only for the phone itself but also for the owner. Firstly, it is the reason of rapid discharge of the battery. Secondly, and much more dangerous, the explosion of the device can be caused by excessive heat inside the battery.

And now the simple heating can cause all this, imagine dropping it under the sun! In addition to increased temperature, it would also have direct exposure to UV radiation of the apparatus. And it's not just our skin that is ill. Carcasses of phones can - according to the manufacturing material - undergo reactions ranging from dryness (making them much more brittle in case of pressure or impact) to the loss of color.

Have you ever thought why your mobile is all stained with parts that seem to have been sanded or painted improperly?

Water and air

Wet cell phone
Another threat to your handset is excessive moisture. It also penetrates into the interior of your unit - whether through the speakers or the edges - and in the worst cases can condense and remain in direct contact with the components. Besides the obvious oxidation that occurs in the affected parts, there is also the risk of short circuit.

This short also has its set of consequences, ranging from malfunctioning of keyboard and screen to the destruction of the battery, so keep an eye and never carry your cell phone to the bathroom (even during those long, warm winters, which fill the environment with steam).

The same idea applies to the salt spray, the same corrosion occurs in cars. If you go to the beach, make sure that your phone is away from moisture.

The unforgiving dirt

Dirty mobile phone
You have the habit of eating (especially fatty and all those sticky foods) and then not washing your hands? Then give it up immediately, as well as being unhygienic it certainly harms your device, you'll see in a matter of weeks a layer of dirt to accumulate.

If this same layer remained only on the outside there is no problem either, but it often happens that the dirt makes its way up to connectors and internal circuitry and may cause a short, bad contact and what is most annoying: that keys are stuck or do not work or act as if they are pressed all the time, carrying its screen numbers that are not desired.

But the worst case is the liquid that reaches virtually all internal components, and on top (if your phone will survive a direct link between all its parts) has the same effect of glue on the keys, if the drink has sugar and other elements.

How to clean the device?

As we have already discussed in the article of the rescue operation for your unit, abrasives are never good for cleaning, but in case of heavy dirt ALWAYS remove the battery and try a slightly damp cloth or the tip of a rod cotton in isopropyl alcohol.

In general, only use a cloth lightly moistened with water, preferably of a type lint-free cloth, then a dry one. To clean the edges and inputs (such as connectors and even keys on devices like Motorola V3), refer to a soft-bristled brush not to create scratches on the surface.

So, do you take good care of your phone? Has gone through a situation that virtually extinguished from the earth? Be sure to post your comments, tips and also your experiences!

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13 October 2012 wrote:
I think what is also important to mention here, that be careful and don’t drop your phones. Well, I dropped my iPhone 4 and my display was broken immediately. Just wasn’t my day. I had to pay a lot of money to change the display.

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