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The list of top 10 tablet PCs, soon appearing on the market, was made for the consumer to learn at first hand. The most expected were three tablet PCs from Asus and the one from Dell getting the first place.

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If you are a typical user who is not accustomed to Apple's iPad, will welcome this news. The British website Techradar made a list of the best tablet PCs on the European market and selected the top 10 soon appearing on the market compared to the Brazilian consumer to learn at first hand. The most expected were three tablet PCs from Asus and the one from Dell getting the first place.

1. Dell Streak 7 and Dell Streak 10

The Dell tablet PC with its excellent desktops and notebooks and other innovative products were presented at the last CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The Streak Dell has Android 2.2, processor Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core 1GHz, 1.3Mpx front camera and 5Mpx back camera, supports Flash 10.1, Wi-Fi, 3G, 16GB and 32GB internal memory and GPS. Certainly the models differ with the size of the screen, either 7-inch 800×480 or10-inch 1280×800. The release of the Dell Tablets - Dell Streak 7 and Streak 10 - are scheduled for this year in Europe.
Dell Dell Streak 7

2. Viewsonic ViewPad 10s

The second on the list was the Tablet PC Viewsonic View Pad 10s. The successor of the ViewPad 7 and the ViewPad 10, the ViewPad 10s has a 10.1-inch LCD screen 1024x600, Android 2.2, processor Nvidia Tegra 2, Cortex A9, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory with the expansion to 32GB, 1.3 Mpx Webcam and full connectivity, including a mini-VGA port and Micro SD slot. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are forecast to cover half of Europe.
Viewsonic ViewPad 10s

3. Acer Iconia Tab A100

The Iconia Tab A100 is the younger brother of the previous model, the A500 Iconia Tab. The A100 has some differences from the A500. This model has a 7-inch screen while the A500's screen is 10 inches, which makes it cheaper than the A500. Specifications: Processor Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core, Nvidia graphics card to Flash 10.1, a 7-inch screen, two cameras - front and back - 2Mpx to 5Mpx respectively. Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, HDMI and 3G. The Iconia Tab A100 will be released next month in Europe.
Acer Iconia Tab A100

4. Acer Iconia Tab A500

In Mobile World Congress Acer introduced its Tablet - the Iconia Tab A500, having a processor Nvidia Tegra, 1GB RAM, a 10-inch WXGA screen, Android 2.2, curiously the same system as that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab7. The model also possesses a resolution of 1280x768 pixels, flash, a 5Mpx back and a 2Mpx front cameras, HDMI, Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi. A500 can be found in two versions: with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3 G.
Acer Iconia Tab A500

5. Asus Eee Transformer Pad

We reached the third Tablet PC from Asus's top 10. The Eee Transformer Pad is virtually identical to the previous model, the Eee Pad Slider. The main difference between the two devices is that the Eee Transformer Pad does not have the built-in keyboard as the Eee Pad Slider does. But one can use a wireless keyboard of the Eee Transformer Pad instead. The Tablet PC from Asus will be released later this year in the UK.
Asus Eee Transformer Pad

6. Asus Eee Slider Pad

The second phone from Asus that is listed is the Eee Pad Slider. Unlike all the tablets we've seen, the Eee Pad Slider has a slide keyboard, very similar to the netbook. The specifications of the device: Android OS 3.0, Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core CPU with keyboard slide, 10.1-inch capacitive screen at 1280x800, the card reader, HDMI output, also front and back cameras. The Eee Pad Slider will be released in the UK later this year.
Asus Eee Slider Pad

7. Asus Eee Memo Pad

Set for release this year in the UK, the specifications of the Eee Memo Pad Tablet are impressive. Asus has released few data concerning the product yet, but they say, the configuration of the Tablet PC comes with Android 3.0, Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, a 7-inch capacitive screen, 64GB internal memory, 1.2 Mpx front and back cameras, Qualcomm and One GPS connectivity via Bluetooth + EDR and Wi-Fi. The tablet is operated via a stylus.
Asus Eee Memo Pad

8. Notion Ink Adam

The Notion Ink Adam, unknown to the Brazilians, is about to be released internationally having great chances of success. Specifications: Android 2.3, Nvidia Tegra 250, Dual Core Cortex A9, 1GB of RAM, 1GB SLC, a 10.1-inch capacitive display at1024x600, optional Qi display, 3.2Mpx swivel camera with auto-focus, 3G, 2x USB, an accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, a compass, GPS, USB, multi-OS choice. With the basic price is $327, this Tablet PC may make its début in the world only in the second half of 2011.
Notion Ink Adam

9. HP TouchPad

Not being planned for the market, the HP TouchPad has been expected by consumers thanks to its attractive setting. It has 1GB of RAM, webOS 3.0, 1.2GHz Dual Core Snapdragon CPU, a 1.3Mpx front camera, 16GB to 32GB internal memory and a display of 9.7 inches. The manufacturer only released these data, more news on the products you may find here already compared.
HP TouchPad

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10,1 P7100

New on the market, along with the Vodafone, Samsung introduced the Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android OS 3.0. It contains Dual Core 1GHz GPU, 1GB of RAM, a 8Mpx back and 2Mpx front cameras with LED flash, records video in HD, has 16GB/32GB internal memory, a 10.1 inch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and 3G. A nice Tablet PC that was presented last month at the Mobile World Congress.
Samsung Galaxy Tab P7100

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03 February 2012 wrote:
I like that finally we can observe some competition at the Tablet PCs market. In my opinion, now people will find the table PC that they will be able to afford, and not only to pay enormous amount of money to buy one. I prefer Asus Eee Slider Pad, because it will be possible to use standard keyboard.
13 February 2012 wrote:
International market of Tablets starts to be more and more saturated. This is great news for the customers, as you are always able to choose between different companies, and you are not forced to buy just Apples’ product regardless whether you like it or not.

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