The 10 Best Touchscreen Phones of the Moment

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Are you a user who prefers common technology of touchscreen phones? There was an estimation under which the top 10 phones were compared to find out the quality of their technology of production. The phones were ranked as following -- the HTC Desire HD, and behind came the Apple smart phone, the iPhone 4. The sphere of HTC smart phone ranking is surprising.

Touch, touch, touch!

After seeing the list of the best phones in the today world (read the article here), I decided to compare the functions of touch screen phones, according to the British site TechRadar. The phones were ranked as following -- the HTC Desire HD, and behind came the Apple smart phone, the iPhone 4. The sphere of HTC smart phone ranking is surprising.

Do you prefer touch screen phones only? QWERTY keyboard or something else? Check the ranking now.

1 - HTC Desire HD

First place was given to the HTC Desire HD. This smart phone has a 4.3 inch LCD screen and 480x800 resolutions. Its great performance is the beautiful contrast and sharpness. Its technology has a pinch-zoom, slick and others. In addition, the device of HD resolution becomes a very attractive phone and very competitive in the market of technology.
HTC Desire HD

2 - Apple iPhone 4

The only Apple's smartphone on the list is Apple iPhone 4, which is considered to be the most "popular" among consumers. The apparatus of apple has a 3.5 inch touch screen with 640x960 resolution. It presents a great power in contrast, brightness and sharpness. You will be positively impressed by Techradar, which is 800:1 and its views in widescreen with a beautiful displaying of videos, images and web.
Apple iPhone 4

3 - Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung has come up with new Galaxy S phones, which take the third place of ranking. Samsung Galaxy S has intense contrast and brightness in a 4-inch AMOLED screen resolution of 480x800 co. The model presents a multi-touch zoom, Swype text, moreover, is a competitor to the iPhone 4. In comparison to the model of Apple, the Samsung has a resolution of 480x800 while the iPhone has only 640x960.
Samsung Galaxy S

4 - HTC Incredible S

The name says it all: incredible. The smart phone of HTC Incredible S has a 4 inch screen with 800x480 WVGA resolution. According to the Techradar, the HTC is a great smart phone, as we know that technology touch screen need enough cargo to its proper functioning. The HTC Incredible S is the best offer for consumers for the reason that its battery life is very long. HTC Incredible S has 720p HD, excellent contrast and no difficulty with touch to the image viewer and web.
HTC Incredible S

5 - HTC Desire

Direct competitor to Apple's iPhone, the HTC Desire has a resolution of 480x800 and a 3.7 inch AMOLED screen. Desire is a simple, sensitive, light model, has good sharpness, great contrast. The downside of this is not a smart phone technology to fight ambient light such as sunlight. It has great diversity for viewing images and sites.
HTC Desire

6 - HTC HD7

Major release of Windows, the device HTC HD7 has a 4.3 LCD touch screen and HD resolution of 800x480 WVGA. Excellent smart phone is capable of optimizing websites, zooming in photos, a nice contrast and sharpness. In addition, its great power is the HD resolution.

7 - Samsung Wave

In seventh place another Samsung handset brand comes, now it is the Wave model. The Samsung Wave has a 3.7 inch screen and 480x800 resolution. Similar to the Nexus, the Wave also has a system for better viewing in environments with great clarity. It has 720p HD, and comes with a slick version of Bada 'OS.
Samsung Wave

8 - Nexus S

In eighth place appears the Nexus S. The model attracts consumers with a 4 inch screen, WVGA 800x480 resolution and Android OS 2.3. It has an excellent screen and 235ppi bright and clear, offering better view of your photos. According to Samsung, the Nexus S has 75% of brightness unless the other smart phones. Nexus S is aimed to improve the screen display in environments with extreme clarity.
Nexus S

9 - Samsung Omnia 7

The Samsung Omnia has seven 4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 800x400. Its angular design portrays a lack of familiarity between user and device, however, the device is different from another market models. However, its operating system helps users get used to the model.
Samsung Omnia 7

10 - LG Optimus 2X

The top 10 list ends the LG phone Optimus 2X.The device has 4-inch WVGA touch resolution of 800x400. It has a bright screen, touch screen technology, a dual core prowess as a positive, page views, with or without zoom, video playback in 1080, among others.
LG Optimus 2X

However, touch screen technology is changing at the moment. Remember that touch technology may soon be extinct in the market.

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07 February 2012 wrote:
Now we have touch technology and in 2-3 years someone will create completely new one, touch screens we will forget very quickly. As to my personal opinion, iPhone is a really nice touch screen phone, however the advertising of this model did a lot to attract customers, and for me, it is more about the advertizing than about the phone itself. Well done. At least this ranking proves that it is not a best phone at the moment at the market. Otherwise I would say that the author was also influenced by the advertisements.

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