What is Phone Cloning?

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A cloned cell phone is a device that has been reprogrammed to transmit the code of the device given to the subscriber. Thus, the scammer uses the cloned phone to make the phone calls and the same is debited to the holder's account.

Cloning as it happens

Cloning phone
Cloning fraud often happens when the user is outside the home network, i.e., in so-called "roaming" and operates in the analog mode.

Unscrupulous people get the device code by monitoring illegal enabled cell phones. Each phone is supposed to have a unique code. However, after cloning there are two mobile phones with the same code of the subscriber. In this condition, the central service provider cannot identify a cloned cell phone.

Currently there are various sophisticated solutions to detect and prevent fraud and cloning and providers have sought to use these resources as part of their system.


It may be evident that a cell phone is cloned, when you there are:
  • Difficulties in ending originating calls;

  • Frequent connection drops;

  • Problems with accessing to your messages;

  • Incoming calls from unknown numbers, from your country or from abroad;

  • Charges for services far above average.

Steps to be taken

If there is evidence of fraud or cloning in case of loss or theft of the device, you should immediately contact the provider and request the blocking of the line.

If the case is reported by phone, the user should write down the clerk's full name, date, time, sequential report number and direct the event of termination to obtain hard copy of the complaint.


Cell phone manufacturer
The user should seek to clean up their cell phone at trusted manufacturer's authorized representatives or shops.

To review a monthly payslip one should check outcoming missed calls.

When you are out of your provider's service, in so-called "roaming", calls are considered to be long distance calls, in your country or abroad. In case of fraud in this situation, it will not be discovered until the billing records are exchanged between providers, which requires some time. Therefore, the control of calls when traveling should be tightened.

While purchasing a cell phone, new or used, one should require invoices and check the correctness, the authorization and the information of note, including the serial number.

In case of buying a used phone, one should check the device by querying the provider to see if it is not in the National Register of Mobile Stations Impeded (CEMI).

In addition to charges for calls made by a fraudulent user, cloning may cause the temporary loss of service to the mobile subscriber and possibly the need to program the phone with a new number.


Cell phone fraud
The Regulation of Personal Mobile Service imposes obligations on providers in case of the identification and existence of fraud, as provided in its Article 69, to do the following:

"The provider must have the means to identify the existence of fraud, especially those in the permanent use of Mobile Station without using regular Enabling Access Code to another Mobile Station"

Therefore, once proven that the device was cloned, the service provider is obliged by law to cancel the billing of calls not made by the subscriber.

If the provider does not resolve the problem, even after being notified, the user should look for the FCC or the consumer protection agencies in their city.

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2 comments of our visitors:

06 February 2012 wrote:
Too bad, that central service is not able to identify a cloned cell phone. I am just wondering, how much time it might take to the service provider to identify the fraud? I am not determined paying the bills for someone else and I hope I won’t, as I am constantly checking my phone bills.
13 February 2012 wrote:
Personally, I recently have some problems with my phone, the other person doesn’t hear me and I have problems with accessing my messages, however I am not sure shall I call to my provider and ask about the problems I have, or maybe it is just my old phone and I have to buy a new one.

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